Buy App UI Kit

Why do you need an UI Kit for your App?

An UI Kit is basically the presentation layer of your App. It’s commonly called as the ‘Skin’ of your App. Now-a-days you can easily buy App source code from a number of marketplaces like ChuppaMobile. But what most people don’t realize is that you are just buying the source code. Without re-skinning the App, you are not permitted to sell it as is.

Unlike web applications where the underlying source code is more expensive than the UI, mobile app industry is completely opposite. App re-skinning costs more than the source code itself. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, you would need to hire one to do the re-skinning for you. So, there is a gap between your purchase and deployment on app stores.

What you can get from this marketplace?

We fill this gap by offering you a collection of free & premium App UI Kits which you can use and do the re-skinning yourself at a fraction of the cost. There are 2 significant advantages for using this marketplace:

  1. Significant cost reduction: Your re-skinning cost is virtually reduced to few bucks instead of hundreds of dollars.
  2. Time to go live: By using ready-made UI Kits, you can go live in a matter of hours instead of days.